Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 2

समाधिभावनार्थः क्लेश तनूकरणार्थश्च ॥२॥

samādhi-bhāvana-arthaḥ kleśa-tanū-karaṇa-arthaḥ ca ||2||

Its purpose is cultivating integration,
effecting an attenuation of the afflictions.

samādhi - putting together; communion; combining; integrationbhāvana - cultivationartha - purposekleśa - afflictionstanū - attenuationkaraṇa - making, effecting

Commentaries and Reflections

T Krishnamacharya:

“What are the effects of Kriyā Yoga?
Samādhi Bhāvana
The ability to pursue the right practice that brings one closer to Īśvara.
Kleśa Tanū Karaṇa –
Reduction of those obstacles that we have somehow acquired through wrong actions,
leading to undesirable and bitter experiences.”

Kriyā Yoga emphasises that the Kleśa cannot be reduced instantly.
It is a gradual process.
Further Kleśa can only be reduced to the limit they become ineffective.
They cannot be destroyed.”

“Only a teacher who has experienced Duḥkha can heal others Duḥkha.”