Yoga Practice and Yoga Study PDF Repository


The role of this page is to offer a single resource to centrally access whatever PDF versions of Paul’s posts are available within individual posts within the Journal section of the website. Links to existing PDF’s will gradually be correlated on this page from two primary fields, that of Yoga Practice and of Yoga Study.

“Yoga Practice is an essential part of Yoga Study.
Rather than Yoga Study being an essential part of Yoga Practice.”

Hopefully this will offer those interested a single point of reference to PDF versions of posts around the topics below. As I collate these resources the date at the bottom of the page will indicate the last update.
Meanwhile thank you for your interest.

– Material from and around T Krishnamacharya – Yoga, Yoga Sūtra and other reference points

– Material from TKV Desikachar – Yoga, Yoga Sūtra and other reference points

– Religiousness in Yoga with TKV Desikachar – Chapter by Chapter Study Guides

  • Chapter Thirteen Theory: The Antaraṅga Sādhana, Saṃyama and Kaivalya – Pages 179-194
  • Chapter Fourteen Practice: The Concept, Preparation and Techniques of Bandha – Pages 195-206
  • Chapter Fifteen Theory: Antarāyāḥ, Obstacles to Progress; Techniques to Overcome Them – Pages 207-220
  • Chapter Sixteen Theory: A Session for Questions – Pages 221-234
  • Chapter Seventeen Theory: Various Approaches to Yoga – Pages 235-250
  • Chapter Eighteen Theory: The Way the Mind Functions and the Concept of Nirodha – Pages 251-254

– Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram Darśanam Journal Articles

– Articles by Srivatsa Ramaswami around the teachings of T Krishnamacharya 

– Collected Yoga Articles, Musings, Interviews, Practices and Study Questions from Paul Harvey

  • The viniyoga of Āsana Parts 1-15 – Extracts from notes with TKV Desikachar Madras 1979-1981

– Yoga Postures in Practice – A series on Āsana by Paul Harvey

– Prāṇāyāma – Where to Start? – A series on Prāṇāyāma by Paul Harvey

– Yoga Mālā – Introducing a Thread of Pearls on Yoga from Patañjali Sūtra by Sūtra by Paul Harvey

– Yoga and Āyurveda Series by Paul Harvey

– Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali Chapters One to Four Word by Word Personal Study Workbooks

– Bhagavad Gītā Chapters One to Eighteen Śloka by Śloka Personal Study Workbooks

  • Chapter Seven Jñāna Vijñāna Yoga – 30 Śloka
  • Chapter Eight Akṣara Brahma Yoga – 28 Śloka
  • Chapter Nine Rājavidyā Rājaguhya Yoga – 34 Śloka
  • Chapter Ten Vibhūti Yoga – 42 Śloka
  • Chapter Eleven Viśvarūpa Yoga – 55 Śloka
  • Chapter Twelve Bhakti Yoga – 20 Śloka
  • Chapter Thirteen Kṣetra Kṣetrajña Vibhāga Yoga – 27 Śloka
  • Chapter Fourteen Guṇa Traya Vibhāga Yoga – 27 Śloka
  • Chapter Fifteen Puruṣottama Yoga – 20 Śloka
  • Chapter Sixteen Daiva Asura Saṃpad Vibhāga Yoga – 24 Śloka
  • Chapter Seventeen Śraddhātraya Vibhāga Yoga – 28 Śloka
  • Chapter Eighteen Mokṣa Saṃnyāsa Yoga – 78 Śloka

23rd January 2017

“All our final decisions are made in a state of mind that is not going to last.”
Marcel Proust