Yoga Practice and Yoga Study PDF Repository


The role of this page is to offer a single resource to centrally access whatever PDF versions of Paul’s posts are available within individual posts within the Journal section of the website. Links to existing PDF’s will gradually be correlated on this page from two primary fields, that of Yoga Practice and of Yoga Study.

“Yoga Practice is an essential part of Yoga Study.
Rather than Yoga Study being an essential part of Yoga Practice.”

Hopefully this will offer those interested a single point of reference to PDF versions of posts around the topics below. As I collate these resources the date at the bottom of the page will indicate the last update.
Following the linked headings below will take you to the Resources Page with listed downloads.
Meanwhile thank you for your interest.

"One knows how to practice, and that one is perfectly capable.
But one settles for second or third best.
It is like getting the progress prize at school – and one is not really doing one‘s best. It’s a very low grade of effort and it is much more serious than having a bad temper.
The times when I have genuinely put my whole self into something, the results have surprised even me."

Tenzin Palmo

Cave in the Snow page 121