The Art of Yoga and Chanting Modular Programme Overview continued


What is the relationship between training as a Yoga Student and training as a Yoga Teacher?

Firstly –

The Yoga Studies Programme offers a comprehensive range of Personal Workshop and Course Modules for groups of around five students, totalling well over 630 contact hours. The Modular Programme falls into the two groups, the Yoga Practice Techniques and Practice Theory Modules offer 330 contact hours study and the Associated Yoga and Lifestyle Texts Modules offer a further 300 contact hours study.

The 650 contact hours studying Yoga Practice Techniques or Yoga and Lifestyle Texts can be undertaken purely as a student, without any obligation or need to simultaneously train as a Yoga teacher.

Each modular series, whether in the field of Study of Yoga Practice Techniques and Theory or Associated Yoga and Lifestyle Texts, is complete in itself and designed for Yoga students from any background or approach interested in exploring Yoga practice and textual study in small groups of around five students for personal development now, or if relevant in the future, professional needs.

This is unusual these days, as normally to access such a breadth and depth of Yoga training material a student would need to be a participant within a Yoga Teacher Training Course.

It also increasingly appears these days that around teacher training courses we are even seeing a burgeoning of ‘fast track’ priorities, seemingly to more quickly accumulate prospective trainees, thus further reducing the options and especially time, amidst our many other life commitments, for a deeper learning as a student prior to considering whether to undertake a training as a prospective Yoga teacher.

As well as studying the Yoga Practice and Associated Yoga Texts Modular Programme individually and progressively within different topic groups there are also suggestions for students wishing to accomplish a Core level of Study in each of the two primary areas, namely Practice Techniques and Textual Study.

The Yoga Practice Techniques and Practice Theory Core Study Programme offers 150 contact hours tuition to initiate and empower the student in the arts of learning to skilfully work with the principles that underpin creating and sustaining a personalised Yoga practice.

The Associated Yoga and Lifestyle Texts Core Study Programme offers 100 contact hours tuition to initiate and empower the student in the arts of learning to skilfully work with the principles that underpin creating and sustaining a personalised Yoga Textual and Lifestyle Study.

Having completed the Core Levels in each of the two primary areas there are Further Studies Advanced modules totalling 380 contact hours available with a further 180 contact hours on Yoga Practice Techniques and Theory and a further 200 contact hours on Associated Yoga and Lifestyle Texts.

However the 150 Core hours Yoga Practice Techniques and Theory and 100 Core hours Associated Yoga and Lifestyle Texts options offer a sure footing for any Yoga student looking for a solid foundation in the practice and study of Yoga purely for your own personal needs and practice and study interests.

These days there is lots of talk on what is involved in training to be a Yoga Teacher,
however little talk on what is involved in training to be a Yoga Student.

Whilst free of any responsibilities in the field of teaching during the programmes, the 150 Yoga Practice contact hours and 100 Associated Yoga Texts contact hours are also a prerequisite for those students who might wish to explore the art of teaching Yoga professionally as discussed further below.

Secondly –

Though the Yoga Practice and Study Modules would obviously enhance any Yoga Teachers professional skills there is no requirement to teach or to intend to teach Yoga. This is not their primary role. In fact not everybody wants to or actually needs to become a teacher to further their practice and study.

Hence the priorities here are towards personal development and thus teachings and questions are geared towards relating more deeply with our personal practice and study, rather than acquiring knowledge for use when working with others.

Training to learn how to teach Yoga is not the same as training to learn how to practice & study Yoga.

Of course I accept, and have personally experienced in a number of situations, that there are those whose priority is on acquiring professional skills or qualifications to teach Yoga. It has even become a career option for school leavers these days, classified alongside Aerobics, Fitness, Personal Trainers, etc.

I also feel that having to simultaneously train as a Yoga teacher alongside moving into exploring Yoga for ourselves can even be detrimental to the development of the students personal relationship with Yoga. There is also the issue of the student often having to proceed into teaching before even completing the learning of the techniques and theory that comprise the different dimensions of practice.

“The more you teach the more you must practice.”
– TKV Desikachar

Added to this can be the burden of the pressure, or desire, around being out there whilst dealing with all the business and promotional aspects involved in drumming up students, amidst also having to engage with all the required specialist Yoga Teaching and Yoga Therapeutic Healthcare training learning. This can create a situation where the students personal developmental and practice priority focus becomes blurred.

Especially these days with the phenomena of there now being many hundreds of Yoga Teacher Training Courses available, thus increasing competition for both aspiring teachers and available students.

Thirdly –

once we have learnt the skills required to be a student then we can consider, should we wish, adding the necessary teaching and therapeutic healthcare skills to offer Yoga intelligently to others.

This is where the student interested in the professional aspects of teaching Yoga can undertake training in a Practitioner Programme specifically geared towards adding the application skills to your existing Yoga knowledge and experience for Yoga Teaching and Yoga Therapeutic Healthcare to Individuals within a 121 situation.

The viniyoga of Yoga is a process rather than just a collection of techniques.

In other words the 200 contact hours Professional Training Programme does not add on any further personal Yoga Practice Techniques and Theory or Associated Yoga Texts skills, these twin skill fields have been put in place already. Instead they are purely focussed on the art of applying what you have learnt to the needs of others within a variety of life situations and a range of health conditions.

However combined with prerequisite 150 hour Yoga Practice Techniques and Theory and 100 hour Associated Yoga and Lifestyle Texts Modules we have a minimum of 450 contact hours Practitioner Training.

Further information for the 200 hour, 18 month Practitioner Programme for Teaching Yoga and Yoga Therapeutic Healthcare to Individuals can be found on the Art of Professional Studies Practitioner Programme Page.

For further information or to discuss any aspects of the Programme please use the contact page or email me.

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