The Art of Professional Studies – Teaching Yoga Groups Modules


The Further Studies Programme offers authentic trainings in the Art of Practice, Study and Teaching
in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar.

The Art of Teaching Group Yoga Class Curriculum Training Modules

Offered below are training modules in the art of developing a group class Yoga teaching curriculum. The workshop and courses below explore a beginning, intermediate and advanced group class teaching curriculum for qualified Yoga teacher from any Yoga approach or background.

Yoga Teachers with an acceptable 200 hours minimum teacher training curriculum vitae qualify for the following modules:

  • The Art of Group Class Teaching – Module One Beginning Teaching Curriculum – 10 hours
    – 10 hours over 2 days through 1 Two Day workshop
  • The Art of Group Class Teaching – Module Two Intermediate Teaching Curriculum – 20 hours
    – 20 hours over 4 days through 1 Four Day course or 2 two Day courses over 3 months.
  • The Art of Group Class Teaching – Module Three Advanced Teaching Curriculum – 20 hours
    – 20 hours over 4 days through 1 Four Day course or 2 two Day courses over 3 months.

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“It should be thought very strange if one’s hands and feet refused to behave, or behaved in a manner which showed that their owner had no control over them. Yet that is how too often human beings allow their most delicate instrument, the mind, to behave.”
Theos Bernard