Welcome to the Arts of Yoga Practice and Yoga Study Programmes

Tara Yantra

Welcome to the Art of Personal Sādhana Programmes aspect of the Yoga Studies website. It aims to reflect the fundamentals of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar’s teaching, in that transmission occurs via the direct experience of a teacher with a student’s personal interest through 121 Lessons or Small Study Groups.

– What are the advantages for students interested in the Art of Personal Sādhana Programme?

The Practice and Textual Study Personal Programme offers over 600 contact hours in Small Group Study Projects through Modularised two day Workshops and four day Courses, all with an in-depth focus around:

  • Single topic specialisation facilitating a learning intensity
  • Modular structuring offering progressive levels for study and development
  • Exclusive learning environment supporting study and absorption
  • Small group size limited to a maximum of five students for personal attention
  • Relevance to personal situation through limited group size and single topic focus
  • Studying practice and texts with a personal rather than teacher training priority

Each topic guides the student, through a Module One 2 day Workshop, complete in itself, into the selected area of practice or study. These are followed by Modular progressions to refine and deepen our skills and experience via Module Two and onwards options each comprising a 4 day Course over two weekends.

– So how to proceed with our journey in developing our Yoga Practice and Textual Studies?

For those finding the range of Yoga practice and study options listed below in the cYs Programme offering too many initial choices, a Core Workshop on Āsana, Prāṇāyāma, Mantra and Sūtra Practice and Study is offered as a starting point for students wishing to explore the viniyoga of Yoga.

This Two Day Workshop draws together a number of the core practice and study strands that this approach specialises in into one composite workshop. From this hands-on experience developmental choices will become clearer.

Otherwise as outlined below there are two modularised progressive learning streams, they are:

1. Art of Personalised Practice – Yoga or Chant Practice Techniques and Theory Modules

offering Two Day Module One Workshops with the follow-on option of Four Day Courses on the:

2. Art of Personalised Study – Associated Yoga and Lifestyle Texts Study Modules

offering Two Day Module One Workshops with the follow-on option of Four Day Courses on the:

An overview of each of these two modularised progressive learning streams can be found at:

1. The Art of Personalised Practice – Yoga or Chant Practice Techniques and Theory Modules

2. The Art of Personalised Study – Associated Yoga and Lifestyle Texts Study Modules

Explored thematically and developmentally they contribute to our personal vitality, growth and deeper understanding of Yoga Practice Techniques and Theory & Associated Yoga Textual Studies. All Module One Workshops are open to all. Progression to Module Two and onwards follow on in same area of Study.

“Yoga Practice is an essential part of Yoga Study.
Rather than Yoga Study being an essential part of Yoga Practice.”

Alternatively you can mix and match by choosing Module One Workshops according to different areas of interest. From this you can build up a solid base to support your personal Yoga practice and study.

There are also routes with an in-depth focus on either of the Practice or Textual themes with a recommended core 150 hours of Practice and 100 hours of Textual Studies, each within a single syllabus.

Complete in themselves they explore Yoga Practice, Theory, Psychology and Philosophy by offering a developmental structure for our Practice and Study and, if relevant, future Professional Training.

– What are the options for students interested in Professional Training as a Yoga Practitioner?

The Art of Professional Studies Modules explore the teaching of Yoga to Individuals, in the fields of Practice, Theory, Psychology and Philosophy. It focuses on areas that add professional expertise for those wishing to add Yoga Teaching and Therapeutic Healthcare skills to their personal relationship with Yoga.

Art of Professional Studies – The 200 hour viniyoga of Yoga 121 Practitioner Programme

It is intended for those who, having completed the prerequisite 250 contact hours core level modular training, are interested in professional Yoga Teaching and Yoga Therapeutic Healthcare training.

Any student considering learning to teach Yoga or apply Yoga as Therapeutic Healthcare could benefit from reading two articles on the value of personal training as a student prior to professional training.







“It is good to swim in the waters of tradition,
but to sink in them is suicide.”

Mahatma Gandhi