The Art of Personal Sādhana Programme 2017-2019


The Art of Personal Sādhana Programme 2017 for small groups of around five students in the Cotswolds to support Personal Studies in the following fields:

The Art of Personal Sādhana – One Weekend Workshop and Two Weekend Course Modules

Complete in themselves they explore Yoga Practice, Theory, Psychology and Philosophy by focusing on supporting a developmental structure for our Practice and Study and, if relevant, future Professional Training.

A Development Structure for a Personalised Yoga Practice and Study Sādhana involves:

  • Āsana practice and theory
  • Prāṇāyāma practice and theory
  • Mudrā practice and theory
  • Dhyānam practice and theory
  • Adhyayanam (chanting as learning or meditation) practice and theory

Supported by a Personalised Textual and Oral Study Sādhana involving:

  • Experiential application of the practice and theory principles in the Haṭha Yoga texts.
  • Experiential application of the Yoga Psychology principles through the Yoga Sūtra.
  • Guidance with linking other Indian texts and teachings to Yoga study and practice.
  • Experiential study of the core energetic, constitutional, diagnostic and lifestyle principles in Āyurveda.

For further Information visit: Paul Harvey’s Yoga Studies

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