I do wonder if this attraction to Yoga experiences is Avidyā in……


It seems that Yoga students have an increasingly pre-determined expectation around the outcome of their Yoga Class, even before starting, and if not ‘imitated’ then dissatisfaction ensues.

I do wonder if this attraction to specific Yoga experiences is Avidyā Kleśa in drag wearing the clothes of ānanda rūpa?

Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 5
anitya aśuci duḥkha anātmasu nitya śuci sukha ātma khyātiḥ avidyā
“Illusion is recognising what is transitory, impure, suffering and non-self as eternal, pure, pleasantness and self.”

Yoga Sūtra Chapter One verse 17
vitarka vicāra ānanda asmitā rūpa anugamāt saṃprajñātaḥ
“Total insight follows the form of profound reasoning, profound reflection, joy and the sense of ‘I’ am-ness.”

These days Modern Yoga experiential terms such as Blissed, Oneness, Stillness, Chilled, Hot, Serene, Energised, Relaxed, Revitalised, Wrung out, Worked Out, Detoxified, Chilled, Stretched, etc, abound.

Surely, are these not merely Rāga Kleśa in its Udārā manifestation?

Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 4
avidyā kśetram uttareṣāṃ prasupta tanu vicchinna udārāṇām
“Illusion is the field for the others whether they are latent, attenuated, inconsistent or aroused.”

Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 7
sukha anuśayī rāgaḥ
“Attraction is the consequence of pleasantness.”

In that the consequence of an experience we ‘enjoyed’ leads to a desire to repeat the same experience and if this expectation is not met then we experience the contraction of Duḥkha.

Apart from the ramifications in that we are only open to selectively repeating the past, I understood that Yoga was more about the search to transcend the duality of all psychic experience, rather than being a means to repeat only those psychic experiences we personally ‘judge’ as pleasuring and avoid those we personally ‘judge’ as suffering?

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