Sthiti Krama – Having grown, not to become old too soon


“Sthiti Krama – Having grown, not to become old too soon, let us maintain a status quo.
Sthiti Krama (the middle sequence in the growing, sustaining and contraction phases of the life process) is for a person who has responsibilities, marriage, work.
No longer a full time student.
Still time for Svādhyāya.
Preservation of what you have received as a student.
So Sthiti Krama very critical in one’s life.
The difference is that you have your own responsibilities.
You cannot forsake them to study this or that.
Considered important because it is a challenge from 25-60 to sustain this position.
Because it is very difficult, there is a great excuse for escaping Svādhyāya.
We must do it to handle or approach problems around us – children, students, etc.”
– TKV Desikachar France 1983

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