So as such it should be Sṛṣṭi Krama for a certain level of people……


“In the indian tradition we have the idea of Varṇa-Āśrama-Dharma and Dharma-Artha-Kāma-Mokṣa.
According to a persons environment, development or stage of activity in life, the choice must vary.
Which will help a person grow at the body and mental level?
So as such it should be Sṛṣṭi Krama for a certain level of people.
In old times. up to the age of 24 years should be in the direction of Sṛṣṭi Krama.
In other words more risk taken with the body, more ability to grasp ideas.
i.e. Vinyāsa almost like gymnastics.
Not suitable for older person starting Yoga.
We need to be open to this beautiful idea of adaptation.”
– TKV Desikachar France 1983

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