Having recently seen a website for a company promoting teaching……

On the need to meet with the student –

Having recently seen a website for a company promoting teaching web classes via Skype to a remote audience I commented on my FaceBook page that “it takes working from home to a whole new level of dilation!”.

I guess for me it was the sense of being a Yoga teacher teaching students at home, something I did in my teachers home as a student for 23 years and have done so at mine as a teacher for 35 years, yet not actually having any living contact at all with the student. It takes me back to something that was at the heart of the concept of viniyoga, rather than the converse above.

T Krishnamacharya talked a lot about three things important for an authentic meeting between the Yoga student and teacher:

  • Darśana – The person must be there.
    You need to be able to get a smell of, taste for, sight of, touch on and resonance with their immediate situation and background presence.
  • Sparśana – You have to examine their body, breath and demeanour.
  • Praśna – Certain questions have to be asked to help evaluate.

You cannot practice these without a living experience of the student to work from. The three used skilfully support an optimal outcome.

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